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Welcome to Mick's New & Used Art where you'll always find the finest in new and previously viewed art by painter breitling replica and illustrator Mick Reasor. As the exclusive Northern Minnesota provider of work by Mick we have the selection, service, low overhead and rolex five letters generous trade-in allowance the big city dealers just can't match.
As a painter Mick has worked primarily in landscape. From the large non-figurative oils of the 1980's to the smaller more representational gouaches of recent years, the paintings have shared an organic form and a nominal sense of place. Although the hublot replica uk paintings reflect whatever natural environment Mick finds himself in, they are executed in the studio, usually without specific reference. The fine art offerings also include some examples of drawing and printmaking including a flurry of sketchbook activity beginning in the mid 1970s.
Mick produces illustrations in both painterly and cartoon styles. Give the man a contract and a deadline and stand back. Do you need anthropomorphic amardillos? Do you need perky paraplegic hispanic girls? Maybe repurposed royals fit the bill? Mick is your man!
Mick is currently enjoying a sabbatical leave from his teaching responsibilities. You can follow his progress here. It's about life in a canned ham trailer.
Mick's 2009-2010 sabbatical project included writing and illustrating The Book of Cowboy Job, a retelling of the biblical story in cowboy verse. He also created a body of small but insignificant paintings. The fruits of his labors can be seen here.
A visual blog of recent work is also maintained by Mick (if benign neglect constitutes maintenance). Or maybe we could interest you in a nice tote bag.

If you'd like to contact Mick about a paying job or maybe you went to high school with Mick and think he owes you an apology...If you have comments on the site or would like to test drive some art click here.