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The Projects Page presents links to Mick's books, blogs, and any other stuff he choses to put here. Mick writes, illustrates, and publishes the books without the aid or interference of editors, art directors, or publishers. He does what he wants and pays the price for his independence. The blogs document Mick's creative process.

Dogupations II: More Jobs Cats Won't Do The long awaited follow-up to Dogupations.28 beautiful monochromatic paintings of dogs involved in essential activities.

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Dogupations II
Dogupations: Jobs Cats Won't Do is a picture book for children of all ages, featuring subtle humor and restrained monochromatic artwork. Perfect for the easily over-stimulated.

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Dastardly Dachshunds
Dastardly Dachshunds is a picture book rhyming game that presents an alliterative clue followed by the rhyming answer and a fanciful illustration.

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Dinosaur Shoes
Dinosaur Shoes is the story of an eccentric paleontologist who notices the similarities between dinosaur and fashion doll feet. He proposes and promotes the theory that dinosaurs wore high heels.

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Ptemperamental (The P is Silent) is the delightful tale of a young dinosaur with anger management and impulse control issues. Featuring Mick's trademark monochromatic illustrations, it is the self-designated recipient of the coveted Cold-Cutt medal. It's pure baloney.

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Tin Can lIfe
Tin Can Life was intended to be an exhibition caltalog. While working on the paintings, Mick thought it would be amusing to devise ridiculously long titles for each piece. Those titles became the narrative for this book. The paintings were based on Mick's dubious memories of early life on mid-century America's highways. His military family of seven frequently took up temporary residence in their 16-foot canned ham trailer as they traveled to new assignments.

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The Book of Cowboy Job
In 2009-2010 Mick was granted a leave from his onerous teaching responsibilities. His sabbatical project included writing and illustrating The Book of Cowboy Job. It's the biblical story of Job, retold in cowboy verse.

The Book of Cowboy Job Hardcover at Lulu

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Mr. Mick's Other Sabbatical
Here you'll find a record of the creative process that resulted in Tin Can Life.
From 2006 through 2011, Mick was active in the Artist Trading Card phenomenon on a well known internet auction site. During that time he painted and sold over 600 original trading card sized paintings.This Blog documents that creative experience.
Mr. Mick's Sabbatical
This Blog documents Mick's 2009-2010 sabbatical project which included writing and illustrating The Book of Cowboy Job. The project also included a series of landscape and tractor paintings.